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Jefferson Comprehensive Concussion Center
At The Philadelphia Navy Yard

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Rothman Institute and Wills Eye Hospital have collaborated to establish the Jefferson Comprehensive Concussion Center (J.C.C.C.) at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The J.C.C.C. is among the very few concussion centers in the nation to provide clinical care in areas such as neuro-opthalmology, neuroradiology, psychiatry, and complex rehabilitation at one facility. 

PAGS Structure for 2015 Fall Season

Building on the success of the past several Fall seasons, PAGS will again offer strictly developmental play U9 and U10 for the 2015 Fall season.  At U11 to U14 we will offer both competitive and developmental levels, while U15 to U19 will be competitive only.  We will again do this by offering two separate conferences within PAGS.  The competitive conference will be known as the PAGS Premier Conference and the developmental conference will be known as the PAGS Charlotte Moran Conference. 

Small-Sided Age Groups

U9-U10 -   Developmental (8v8)
U11-U12 - Competitive (8v8) and Developmental (8v8)

Full-Sided Age Groups

U13-U14 - Competitive (11v11) and Developmental (11v11)
U15-U19 - Competitive (11v11) Long season and short season

Instructions for Completing PAGS 2015 Fall Season Application
Application Period 4/1-5/31/15

Read these instructions for completing the PAGS Fall 2015 season application in their entirety before attempting to complete the application.  You must provide all of the information requested in order for your application to be properly evaulated for divisional placement.  It is also imperative that you provide a correct email address for the team’s primary contact and head coach.  The only acceptable form of payment is credit/debit card.  

PAGS 2015 Fall Season Application
Application Period 4/1-5/31/15

All teams wishing to play in the PAGS 2015 Fall Season must complete an online application.  Returning teams (teams that played in the Fall 2013, Spring 2014, or Fall 2014 seasons) can use the Returning Team option which will populate much of the information on the application.  You must also know the email address associated with the team contacts for the team for that season. If you have forgotten your password you will be able to request it when you try to login.  If you do not know any of the email addresses associated with the team contacts you must apply as a new team.  New teams, and returning teams who have changed their Club or team name, must use the New Team Option.  The only acceptable form of payment is credit/debit card.  


Logging Back Into Your PAGS 2015 Fall Season Application

You can log back into your application for the PAGS 2015 Fall season in order to change or add information.  You can also log back in to make a payment. Click LOGIN to log back into your application for the PAGS Fall 2015 season. 

PAGS 2015 Fall Season Division Placement Criteria

The divisional placement criteria are different for the two conferences that make up PAGS.  For the PAGS Premier Conference (PPC) divisional standing in fall 2014 league play (preference giving to teams that played in PAGS); placement in EPYSA/Other State cup play (preference in order to NCS, President’s Cup, Challenge Cup); results in tournament play (pereference given to higher ranked tournaments such as Jefferson Cup, WAGS, etc); head-to-head results (recognizing that a win in a tournament that allows guest players is not equivalent to a win in cup play); other factors.

For the PAGS Charlotte Moran Conference (PCMC) divisional place is based first on geography and second on competitive level.  Every effort will be made to place teams in a division with teams from thier geographic area, while maintaining competitive balance.

PAGS 2015 Spring Season Playing Rules

The PAGS 2015 Fall Season playing rules are available below and a copy may be downloaded HERE

Game Line Up Forms For The PAGS 2015 Spring Season

The PAGS 2015 Spring Season game lineup form requirements are provided below and may be downloaded HERE.

PAGS 2015 Spring Season Score Reporting Procedures

The home team must report the score online, no later than 8:00 pm on the Monday following the game, following one of the procedures set forth below..  A fine of $5.00 may be assessed to teams failing to report scores in a timely manner.  Scores may be reported by calling in, by mobile device, or by logging in to your team page. 

It is important that everyone cooperate and enter scores promptly!

PAGS Guidelines Regarding Lightning

The following is the PAGS policy on lightning and how it effects our games.  Please ensure everyone in your club is made aware of this policy. Copies have been emailed to all clubs and teams.  All officials assigned to PAGS games will be provided this policy and will be expected to enforce it without exception.  You may download a copy of the policy HERE.

PAGS 2015 Key Dates

The key dates for PAGS for 2015 can be found on the next page. 

PAGS Fees For The 2015-2016 Seasonal Year

Fees for the 2015-2016 seasonal year are available below.

PAGS Fine Schedule For The 2015-2016 Seasonal Year

The PAGS fine schedule for the 2015-2016 seasonal year is available below.

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