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Jefferson Comprehensive Concussion Center
At The Philadelphia Navy Yard

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Rothman Institute and Wills Eye Hospital have collaborated to establish the Jefferson Comprehensive Concussion Center (J.C.C.C.) at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The J.C.C.C. is among the very few concussion centers in the nation to provide clinical care in areas such as neuro-opthalmology, neuroradiology, psychiatry, and complex rehabilitation at one facility. 

Entering Field/Permit Information for the PAGS 2015 Fall Season

The preliminary 2015 fall season schedule will be released to the Clubs on 7/3/15 at 8:00 am EDT.  In order to schedule your home games you will need to have all the fields you will be utilizing this fall entered into the PAGS database.  In addition, you will need to enter permit information for each field in order for the Referee Assignor to be notified of game changes once the final schedule is released. If you have utilized a field in a previous season it will be in the database, but you will still need to update the permit information to include the 2015 fall season.

Instructions for entering field and permit information may be found HERE.

PAGS Fall 2015 Season Scheduling Instructions

For the Fall 2015 season PAGS will continue to utilize the scheduling system that has been in place for the the past several seasons.  Any person with administrative rights to the PAGS website for a club will be able to directly enter the time and field for all the club home games on the PAGS website.

PAGS 2015 Key Dates

The key dates for PAGS for 2015 can be found on the next page. 

PAGS Fees For The 2015-2016 Seasonal Year

Fees for the 2015-2016 seasonal year are available below.

PAGS Fine Schedule For The 2015-2016 Seasonal Year

The PAGS fine schedule for the 2015-2016 seasonal year is available below.

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