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The 4th Annual Columbus Day Explorer Cup

The 4th Annual Explorer Cup (formerly the Predator Cup) is a partnership with the Atlantic Premier League and PAGS Soccer League. The tournament is is available to all levels of teams between the ages of U9 to U14.  The registration deadline is 8/30/15.  For more information and to register click on EXPLORER CUP.

Date Change for PAGS Delegate Meeting
Now Tuesday, 9/15/15

The date for the next regularly scheduled PAGS Delegate meeting has been changed to 7:00 pm Tuesday, 9/15/15.  The meeting will be held in The Hill School Room at United Sports in Downingtown, PA. The meeting was scheduled for Monday, 9/14/15.

PAGS Schedule During Papal Visit to Philadelphia

The Pope is scheduled to visit Philadelphia the weekend of 9/26-27/15.  As of 8/5/15 the city of Philadelphia announced that I-76 will be closed from the Blue Route to I-95 and that I-95 through the city will remain open during the Papal visit.

PAGS will NOT postpone games scheduled for that weekend.  There are only nine weekends, excluding Columbus Day weekend, between the start of the season on 9/5-6/15 and the end of the season on 11/14-15/15.  The league has nine game schedule over these nine weeks, with the weekend of 11/21-22/15 reserved as make up dates for the playoffs in case of inclement weather.  The season cannot be extended another week because of Thanksgiving.  There is no way to accurately determine the number of games that could be impacted by the closure of I-76 during the Papal visit.

None of the foregoing prohibits individual teams who feel that their team may be impacted by the Papal visit from working with their opponent to reschedule individual games, similar to when a NASCAR event is held at Dover Speedway.  Games that are rescheduled must be played by 11/15/15, except for the U13 and U14 age groups.  Since these age groups have playoffs any rescheduled game must be played by 11/11/15 in order to count in the standings for playoffs. All games must be rescheduled by 8/20/15.

PAGS 2015-16 Season Playing Rules

The PAGS 2015 Fall Season playing rules are available below and a copy may be downloaded HERE


Game Line-up Forms for PAGS 2015 Fall Season Games

Game Requirements

Each team must complete a lineup form for all PAGS games.  The form must be completed in triplicate and must be provided to the referee prior to the game.  For teams registered with EPYSA the lineup form may be printed using the Group Net Solutions registration software.  Teams not registered with EPYSA shall use copies of their approved roster as the lineup form.  In either case, players not participating in the game must be lined out on the form.

Club Pass Players

If a team is using a player with a club pass, the player’s name and number must be hand written on the line-up form and the player’s pass must be available for inspection by the opposing coach.

There are NO exceptions to these requirements.  Teams failing to provide three copies of the proper lineup form may be fined or the game may be forfeited.


PAGS 2015 Fall Season Score Reporting Procedures

The home team must report the score online, no later than 8:00 pm on the Monday following the game, following one of the procedures set forth below..  A fine of $5.00 may be assessed to teams failing to report scores in a timely manner.  Scores may be reported by calling in, by mobile device, or by logging in to your team page.  The score reporting policy can be found below or downloaded HERE.

It is important that everyone cooperate and enter scores promptly! 

PAGS 2015 Fall Season Inclement Weather Policy
Postponing and Rescheduling Policies

The following is PAGS policy regarding postponement of games due to inclement weather, as well as rescheduling postponed games.  A copy of this policy may be downloaded HERE.

PAGS Guidelines Regarding Lightning

The following is the PAGS policy on lightning and how it effects our games.  Please ensure everyone in your club is made aware of this policy. Copies have been emailed to all clubs and teams.  All officials assigned to PAGS games will be provided this policy and will be expected to enforce it without exception.  You may download a copy of the policy HERE.

PAGS 2015 Key Dates

The key dates for PAGS for 2015 can be found on the next page. 

PAGS Fees For The 2015-2016 Seasonal Year

Fees for the 2015-2016 seasonal year are available below.

PAGS Fine Schedule For The 2015-2016 Seasonal Year

The PAGS fine schedule for the 2015-2016 seasonal year is available below.

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