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Monday, 21 June 2004

All hearings of appeals to Divisional placment will be heard Monday, 21 June 2004, at USTC in accordance with the following schedule.  Teams may be represented by the Coach and Club Delegate only!  Only factual, objective information which supports the appeal should be presented.  The time schedule will be strictly adhered to.  The Appeals Board reserves the right to disregard any information not included with the original application as required.  Results from tournaments that occured after the application was submitted will be considered.
7:00 pm   U12 Berks SA Red Devils
7:10 pm   U12 Leanpe Valley Sting
7:20 pm   U13 FC Delco Sting
7:30 pm   U13 Harford Kicks Pride
7:40 pm   U13 Spirit United Courage
7:50 pm   U14 Vincent United Fury
8:00 pm   U14 SCCSA Hornets 
The PAGS Games Commisioner's email program was recently infected with a virus so there may be other appeals that were submitted which are not listed here.  If you submitted a timely appeal through your club Delegate and do not have a hearing scheduled please resend the basis for your appeal to Jim Pomilo at, along with a copy to your Delegate.  You should also be present at USTC at 8:00 pm to have your appeal heard by the Board.




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