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Contacting PAGS Officers

Strict Enforcement of Existing Policy

PAGS has a long-standing policy that only Club Delegates should contact PAGS Board members directly.  Coaches, and particularly parents, should direct all questions and complaints to their Club Delegate, who will attempt to resolve any issue at the lowest level.  If the Delegate is unable to resolve the issue, he or she will then contact the appropriate PAGS official.  There are many reasons for this policy, primary among them is the size of the League.  We are now approaching 450 teams which means we have as many as 1350 coaches, assistant coaches, and managers, along with at least 12,000 parents. 
Over the past 2-3 years there has been a constant increase in the number of coaches/managers who feel they need to contact PAGS officials to resolve issues.  Generally, the questions are simple and can be easily answered.  In fact, the information has usually been discussed at a meeting the coach failed to attend.   However, the sheer volume of questions, most of which can be answered by the Delegate, has begun to overwhelm us.  This year in particular, we seem to have encountered an extraordinary number of parents who feel they need to contact the League directly to express their point of view.  While we understand how these parents feel, we do not have time to deal with all of these issues, particularly when they can be resolved by the Club Delegate.  Often issues raised by coaches and parents are fraught with emotion, and given time, could be resolved by a rational discussion with the Club Delegate. 
PAGS will continue to deal with incidents that merit our attention.  However, effective immediately, emails received from coaches, assistant coaches, team managers, and parents will be returned with instructions to contact the Club Delegate.  It wll be up to the Club Delegate to determine if there is sufficient reason to contact the appropriate PAGS official.  If a coach, assistant coach, team manager, or parent telephones a PAGS official they will also be directed to contact their Club Delegate.  
Delegates:  You receive all the pertinent information at PAGS meetings, through email, and on this website.  You MUST share this information with your coaches, who must, in turn, share the information with their team parents, and you should encourage them to check the website regularly.   If we work together we can minimize the number of issues we all must deal with.




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