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This is a reminder for coaches that if you plan to play in either the USYS National Championship Series (NCS), formerly known as the Snickers Cup/State Cup, or the Chevrolet Challenge Cup you must be registered with USYS.  You may dual register if you choose, but to be eligible to participate in either tournament you must have played in a USYS sanctioned league.  PAGS is such a league as long as we don't mix USCS and USYS registered teams in a division.  If do not plan on playing in either tournament and register with USCS and then change your mind you can still qualify by dual registration and then finding a USYS spring league to play in, however this becomes complicated.
Typically this is not an issue with the top two divisions (Premier and Cup) or the lower divisions (Division 3 through Division 6) in the U11-U19 age groups.  The problem arises is Divisions 1 and 2 where there is a mix of teams.  We would like to be able to separate the USCS and USYS teams in these Divisions.  So if you have requested Division 1 or 2, or Division 3 or lower, and plan to register with USYS please send an email to or by 24 June 2005 to let us know.  U9 and U10 teams will continue to register with USCS.




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