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Philadelphia Area Girls Soccer is the largest girls soccer league in the Mid-Atlantic area.  PAGS is comprised of more than 100 Clubs, with over 600 teams, and in excess of 11,000 players.  The caliber of competition in the League regularly attracts teams from Eastern and Central Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.  PAGS teams regularly win State, Regional, and National Championships.  
PAGS prides itself on offering the approprite level of competition for all of our member teams.  To accomplish this goal PAGS offers two conferences in the fall nine game season season. The PAGS Premier Conference (PPC) is for U11 to U19 teams seeking the highest level of competition.  Teams apply for acceptance similar to a tournament and slots in the PPC will be awarded on a competitive basis.  Division placement will be strictly based upon competitive level.  
For teams who seek competitive soccer with less emphasis on travel and more emphasis on development PAGS offers the PAGS Charlotte Moran Conference (PCMC). All U9 and U10 teams will play in the PCMC.  U11 to U14 teams may apply to the PCMC.  All applicants will be accepted into the PCMC.  Divisional placement will be based primarily on geography, with some emphasis on competitive level.
In addition to the two full season options described above PAGS offers a fall three game short season option for U15-U19 teams who wish to become cup qualified.
The PAGS spring season is a time for experimentation and trying new players and consists of a six game schedule.  We offer significant roster flexibility, including the use of guest players, and the ability to schedule to meet the needs of cup play and spirng sports.




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