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Article II - Playing Rules

(Sections 2.01 - 2.07)

Section 2.01 Competition Seasonal Year: The seasonal year shall be from 1 August to 31 July of the following year.

Section 2.02 Playing Rules

The playing rules of the game will be in accordance with FIFA, USSF, or Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA), as applicable, except as modified in the By-laws and Constitution of this League, or the additional rules and regulations as determined by the Council. In the event that additional rules and regulations are not promulgated by the first League game of the season, all additional rules and regulations from the previous year will be in force until any new rules and regulations are published. Such rules and regulations SHALL NOT be modified by member teams or referees. Failure to abide by this provision will result in forfeiture of the game so affected. All Clubs, teams, and coaches are required to be familiar with the rules currently in force at any time. Posting to the PAGS web page shall be considered proper notice to all. The Council shall not be required to adopt any new rules and regulations in any year, and failure to do so at any time does not prohibit it from acting at any time in the future.

Section 2.03 Pre-Game Formalities:
  1. The coach of each team submits the following items to the referee prior to the game: Coach’s pass for the registered coach who is present at the field and who shall be responsible for the team in that game; and 3 copies of the line-up, signed by the coach, containing each player’s name and jersey number.  If using a player with a Club Pass, the player’s name will be written on the lineup form and the pass will be available for inspection.
  2. Each coach may request to check the opposing team’s roster against the line-up form and the player pass of each player. This exchange may be waived by mutual consent of both coaches. Any irregularity in a player pass or line-up form must be reported to the Referee prior to the game so that it may be corrected prior to the game or included in the Referee’s game report.  If any ineligible player is identified, the Referee shall be asked to note the particulars in the Referee’s game report, and, if that player participates, the game will then be played under protest. If the protest is later upheld the team with the ineligible player will forfeit the game. Each coach shall have the official approved team roster form and player passes at the field.  
  3. Any player who arrives as the game is in progress, and whose name appears on the line-up form, may substitute in the normal manner upon presenting a player pass to the Referee, subject to a later check by the opposing team.  
  4. The Referee will take the pass of any player or coach who is ejected from the game. Each such pass will be sent to the League Referee Coordinator along with the Referee’s game report.


Section 2.04

Field Preparation Responsibility: The home Club must provide adequate goals, nets, corner flags, and markings in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game. For U-11 and older age groups, the field should be at least 100 yards long and at least 50 yards wide. However, a smaller field may be provided where larger dimensions are not practicable. Adequate protection must be provided to the visiting team and Referee.

Section 2.05 Field Inadequacy: Any inadequacy in the condition of the field, goal post, cross bar, corner flag, or net must be reported to the Referee prior to the start of the game.  If the Referee believes the inadequacy is sufficient to warrant correction the Referee may require the home Club to correct this inadequacy.  If corrections are not satisfactory to the Referee, the game will not be played a that time.  Any irregularity in field condition must be inlcuded in the Referee’s game report.
Section 2.06 Separation of Teams and Supporters: The home team selects one end of one sideline, along which all players and coaches must remain. All visiting team players and coaches must remain along the other half of the same sideline.  Supporters of both teams must remain on the opposite side of the field.  Only carded players and coaches are permitted in the team areas. The sideline positioning may not be changed by the teams. This will be reported as a League rule to the Referee’s Association. The Referee may alter this positioning if, in his/her opinion, it is necessary to maintain order.


Section 2.07 Control of Spectators, Players and Team Officials: Coaches of both teams must adequately control their players, coaches, and supporters and shall not allow anyone to enter the field while the game is being played.




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