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Article II - Playing Rules

(Sections 2.13 - 2.19)

Section 2.13 Forfeit:

A.  Every team is required to appear at every game for which it is scheduled during the regular season competition. A team that decides to forfeit a game must notify the coach of the opposing team and the League Adminstrator in accordance with Section 2.10 (A).  A team that is not prepared to play on the scheduled field fifteen minutes after the scheduled start time must forfeit the game to the opposing team, unless the delay has been mutually agreed upon by the coaches of both teams. Play may start with seven players (5 players for U9 and U10). When a game is forfeited under this condition, the forfeiting team must pay the entire Referee(s) fee. A team that abandons a game also forfeits that game.  All forfeits are recorded as 3-0 scores unless the non-forfeiting team has scored more than 3 goals before the forfeit occurs. In that case, the non-forfeiting team will receive credit for all goals scored. The forfeiting team will, in all cases, be credited with 0 goals for.

B.  Any forfeit in the final three weeks of the season which impacts on any team’s playoff position may be reviewed by the Executive Committee without need for a formal appeal. The Executive Committee will determine whether there has been any breach of the letter or spirit of competition, and may take any action that it considers necessary to rectify an injustice. Any team forfeiting a game without good cause, as determined by the Executive Committee, shall not be permitted to participate in the playoffs for that season.

Section 2.14 PAGS Modified Playing Rules:

Each game will be played in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game, with certain modifications prescribed by USYS, EPYSA, and PAGS. The following is a review of these modifications:

  1. Ball: The ball size is #4 for the U-9 thru U12 age groups, and #5 for all other age groups. The home team will supply game balls.  
  2. Substitutions: Substitutions are unlimited in the following circumstances: on possession of a throw-in; by either team on a goal kick; by either team after a goal has been scored; and by either team at half time. If a team substitutes for an injured player, the opposing team may also substitute 1 for 1. A player receiving a yellow card may be substituted for prior to the restart of play, and the opposing team may also substitute 1 for 1.  
  3. Duration of Game:  
      U9 and U-10 - Two 25-minute halves
      U-11 and U-12 - Two 30-minute halves
      U-13 and U-14 - Two 35-minute halves
      U-15 and U-16 - Two 40-minute halves
      U17 to U-19 - Two 45-minute halves 
  4. Start of Play: A game may begin when at least seven (7) players (five (5) players for U-9 and U-10) properly representing each team are present.  
  5. U-9 and U-10 Modified Playing Rules:  
    1. The field of play must be rectangular.  The lenght of the touchline shall be greater than the length of the goal line.THe field of play shall be a minimum of 45 yards and maximum of 55 yards wide and a minimum of 70 yards and maximum of 80 yards long.
    2. The field of play is divided into two halves by a halfway line.  The center mark is indicated a midpoint of the halfway line.  The center cirlce shall be an 8-yard radius.
    3. The goal is 6 feet high and 18 feet wide.  Goals must be securely anchored to the ground.
    4. There shall be a penalty area at both ends of the field defined as follows:  Two lines are drawn at right angles to the goal line, fourteen (14) yards from the inside of each goal post.  These lines extend into the field of play for fourteen (14) yards and are joined by a line drawn parallel to the goal line.  The area bounded by these lines and the goal line is the penalty area.  Within each penalty area a penalty mark is made ten (10) yards from the midpoint between the goal posts. An arc of a circle with a radius of 8 yards from each penalty mark is drawn outside the penalty area.
    5. A goal area is defined at each end of the field as follows: Two lines are drawn at right angles to the goal line, six (6) yards from the inside of each goal post.  These lines extend into the field of play six (6) yards and are joined by a line drawn parallel to the goal line.  The area bounded by these lines and the goal line is the goal area.
    6. Goal kicks for U9 are taken either on the line of the penalty area or anywhere within the penalty area.  Goal kicks for U10 are taken either from the six-yard line or from anywhere within the goal area.
    7. Corner kicks are taken from the corner of the field.
    8. Penalty kicks are taken from the penalty spot.
    9. Defenders must be at least 8 yards away on all free kicks.
    10. Teams play 8 v 8 (7 field players and a goalkeeper).
    11. Unlimited substituitions are allowed at any stoppage of play.
    12. If using a player with a Club Pass, the player's name will be written on the lineup form and the pass will be available for inspection.
Section 2.15 Standings by Points: The standings of teams within each Age Group/Division ce is determined by points.  Three points are awarded to the team that wins a game, one point is awarded to each team in a tie game, and no point is awarded to the team that loses a game.
Section 2.16 Post Season Playoffs and Championships:  The playoff format and tentative schedule will be posted to the PAGS website before each season begins. The League Administrator selects fields for playoff games and makes any other required arrangements.  A copy of the then current playoff rules will be posted to the PAGS website prior to the start of the playoffs. No modification of these rules is permitted. Any such modification may result in forfeiture of the game or a replay of the game being ordered by the Executive Committee.
Section 2.17 Tie Breakers for Divisional Standings and Playoffs:
  1. Points - Win = 3 points; Tie = 1 point; loss = 0 points
  2. Head to head competition. In the event of 3 or more teams being tied this criteria will not be used.
  3. Goal differential (goals scored minus goals allowed in each game, with a maximum differential of 4 goals per game)
  4. Fewest goals allowed
  5. Goals scored (maximum of 4 per game)
  6. Fewest yellow/red cards. (A red card is a deduction of 2 points, and a yellow card is a deduction of 1 point)
  7. Coin toss to be performed by the League Administrator at a time and place of his/her choice. The teams involved will be given an opportunity to attend.
In the event of ties by three or more teams, the tie breaking procedure (excluding criteria #2) will be used only once until one team is left. The first team eliminated finishes in the lowest placement in question, and so on, until all placements are filled. If a coin toss involves more than two teams, the League Administrator may substitute a draw from a hat or lots system that is more equitable to the situation.
Section 2.18 Reporting of Game Score: The home team must report the score, in accordance with the then current reporting procedure, no later than 8:00 pm Monday after the game. A fine of $5.00 per game may be assessed to those teams that fail to report the score.
Section 2.19 Each team must submit a referee evaluation, in accordance with the then current reporting procedure, if any, within 3 days after each game.  A fine of $5.00 per game may be assessed to those teams that fail to report referee evaluations.




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