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Article III - Application-Registration

(Sections 3.01 - 3.02)

Section 3.01 Team Application:
  1. Team Application:  Each team wishing to play in PAGS for the current soccer season must submit the PAGS Team Application form to the League Administrator in accordance with the manner and schedule established annually by the Executive committee.  This application will include information to assist the League Administrator in placing teams into Divisions.   
  2. Application Fee: A team application fee, in an amount to be established annually by the Executive Committee, is required for each team participating in PAGS.  If a team admitted to play in PAGS fails to register its individual players that team will forfeit its team application fee to PAGS.  Clubs may register as many teams as they choose.   
  3. Divisional Placement: The League Administrator will establish the divisional placements based upon the information contained on the team application form. Divisional placements will be provided to coaches in accordance with the schedule established annually by the Executive Committee.  
  4. Standards for Placement: The primary goal of placement of teams shall be to provide the most competitive divisions possible, therefore, all factors must be considered.  Factors affecting placement include:  past year’s PAGS League results; past year’s tournament results; player additions and losses; and other pertinent factors.  
  5. Transfer of Teams Between Divisions: No transfers of teams between divisions are permitted once the Divisions have been announced.  
  6. Withdrawal of a Team: Any team withdrawing from the League after the established withdrawal date shall forfeit its team application fee, as well as any team and player registration fees already paid, to the League, and can be fined $200. Unless and until the Club pays all fines assessed to any of its teams for this reason, none of that Club’s teams will be able to participate in PAGS.
Section 3.02 Team Registration:
  1. Team registration for the applicable soccer year (1 August through 31 July) will be completed accordance with the EPYSA registration process then in effect, and in accordance with the schedule established annually by the Executive Committee.




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