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Article VI - Limitation of Liability

(Sections 6.01 - 6.02)

Section 6.01





Section 6.02

Limitation of Liability:  A member of the PAGS Executive Committee shall not be personally liable for monetary damages as such for any action taken, or failure to take action, unless he/she has breached or failed to perform the duties of his/her office under Section 8363 of the Pennsylvania Director’s Liabilty Act, as from time to time amended, or any successor provision, and the breach or failure constitutes self-dealing, willful misconduct or recklessness.  This provision shall not apply to the responsibility or liability of a member of the Executive Committee pursuant to any criminal statute or his/her liability for payment of taxes pursuant to Local, State, or Federal law.  This section 6.01 shall be applicable to any action taken on or after 27 January 1987. 

Indemnification:  PAGS shall indemnify any officer or director who is a party or is threatened to be a party to any threatened, pending, or completed action, suit, or proceedings, whether civil, criminal, administrative, or investigative by reason of the fact that he/she is or was an officer or director of PAGS.  Indemnification pursuant to this Section shall not be made in any case where the act or failure to act giving rise to the claim for indemnification is determined by a court to have constituted willful misconduct or recklessness.  This Section 6.02 shall not be effective with respect to any action, suit, or proceeding commenced prior to 27 January 1987.













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