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Article III - Membership

Section 3.01 Membership: This organization shall consist of any number of amateur Clubs or Teams which apply each year, qualify, and are accepted for membership. Clubs may register as many teams as they wish, subject to any requirement to provide active Referees as a condition for membership.  A Club or Team need not be located within the territory referred to in Section 2.01 to qualify for membership.
  Section 3.02 Application: Application for membership and registration of teams shall be made each year at a time and in such form as determined by the Council.
  Section 3.03 Qualification and Acceptance: The Council, or its delegated representative, shall have sole and final authority to determine the qualifications of and to accept or reject any applicant for membership in this organization.
  Section 3.04 Annual Application Fee: Each Team shall pay a yearly application fee, in the amount specified by the Council, at the time of team application.

  Section 3.05 Member in Good Standing: A Club maintains good standing by fulfilling all of the obligations, including paying all fees and fines in a timely manner.  Any Club not in good standing with PAGS may be refused registration for its teams, players, and coaches. This rule is not to be circumvented by teams registering as independents, by changing Club officers, or by change of Club name.





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