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New 7v7 and 9v9 Field Dimensions and Markings

New 7v7 and 9v9 Field Dimensions and Markings

US Soccer Federation, through EPYSA, has released the new field dimensions and marking requirements for 7v7 and 9v9 fields.  These requirements can be downloaded by click HERE.

7v7 and 9v9 fields are mandatory in PAGS for the 2016-2017 soccer year, beginning with play in September 2016.  The sizes of 7v7 and 9v9 fields are different and a 7v7 field SHOULD NOT be used for a 9v9 game, or vice-versa. The permissible field dimensions are a range of both length and width.  Clubs may use a field that meets these ranges while fitting into available field space.  The fields MUST be marked according to the standards for each size field.  7v7 field MUST contain a build out line,  Where possible, the build out line should be lined in a different color from the remaining field lines.  If the build out line is not painted on the field cones should be placed on the touchlines as markers.





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