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Fall 2003 Notes

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1. All Saturday game times are tentative, as I am awaiting the final Delco Boys Schedule. In addition, the season for U11-U14 will end on November 9th in order to start playoffs. Any games that are scheduled after that date will be moved to a Saturday in late September or October.
2. All December 28th games are games that are not part of the schedule. If coaches want to fit those games in and don't mind the rigors of HS fall sports, just email we with the time and place and I will put it in the schedule.
3. Games where the opponents are 2 hours apart might be rescheduled to neutral fields. I will do everything possible to reduce the burden on the parents associated with such long travel for one game.
5. Sept 20 World Cup conflicts. You may reschedule prior to Labor Day or during the week at the many lighted complexes in the area. No games will be rescheduled for another Saturday as field space and referees are at a premium.
7. Thank you all for placing the trust and confidence in the PAGS Board. Cleary the league has grown at both ends of the competition level. We strive to better it each year, however the enormity of it all sometimes prevents us from accomplishing and implementing our ideas. Please be patient and if you can lend a hand, contact Tom Corey at
8. Remember my famous words when wet weather comes this fall. They are your fields at tax time, but the school district or township's fields when it rains. Be sensible with them, but don't get run over by their rhetoric.




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