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Update 4:00 pm on 11/15/08

As of right now our plan is to play the balance of games scheduled for Saturday November 15th and Sunday the 16th.  PAGS will not cancel the entire slate of semifinal games because some games are scheduled for turf fields and because weather conditions vary across the region.  We are asking our host Clubs to do whatever they can to get the games played, even if it means changing fields.  If the game can be moved to another field the coaches and the referee assignor immediately, PAGS can be notified after you have made the arrangements. 


We are trying to be proactive also in case we need to reschedule semifinal/final games.  We are fully aware that some of teams have participating in tournaments on 11/22-23/08 and we are currently gathering this information.  If postponements are necessary we will either complete play on 11/22-23/08, on 12/5-6/08, or a combination of the two weekends.  We have no plans to play on Thanksgiving weekend.  If a team is playing in a tournament on 11/22-23 then we will try to schedule around this commitment.

If the weather worsens and some semifinal games are played and others are not played we will play the final games on Sunday where both semifinals were played.  We will then reschedule the semifinal and finals based upon the availability of the participating teams.







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