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PAGS Will Accept US Club Soccer Registration For Fall

Based upon requests from several member clubs, PAGS will accept US Club Soccer (USCS) registration for the Fall 2008 season.  All coaches should take the following points into consideration when evaluating whether to register with EPYSA, USCS, or to dual register.

  • Teams wishing to register with USCS must register directly with the USCS office.  PAGS will treat USCS teams as an out-of-state/secondary type team in that these teams will be required only to submit their approved roster to the PAGS registrar.
  • Teams registering with USCS are subject to the USCS roster limitations
  • Teams registering with USCS, despite the larger USCS roster size, are subject to the same game roster limit (U9/U10 - 14 players; U11-U-19 - 18 players).  That is, teams may only submit a line-up form pursuant to these limits.
  • Teams registering only with USCS will not obtain eligibility for EPYSA Indoor or Outdoor Cups by playing in PAGS for the Fall 2008 season.  Teams will be responsible for finding an appropriate league to obtain eligibility.
  • If there is sufficient interest PAGS may sponsor a spring cup qualification league similar to our current August cup qualification league

For more information on US Club Soccer policies/programs click here.   For more information regarding EPYSA policies/programs click here.




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