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Preliminary Schedule Released

Important Information for all Club Presidents, Delegates, and Field Coordinators

PAGS Club Presidents, Delegates, and Field Coordinators:
A file was sent to each Club via email on 20 July 2009 showing their home games for both PAGS and Delco by date. 
For Clubs with teams in both PAGS and Delco the file was sent to the Delco Delegate.

Along with the schedule file, each Club received instructions on how to complete the schedule, to include:  rules for the stacking of games for referee coverage, travel time allowances for away teams, time allotments for each game, and how to handle game rescheduling.  Club Delegates (PAGS and Delco) should work with their Field Coordinators to assign times and field locations to each of their home games between July 20th and August 10th.  During this period it will be the responsibility of the Club to resolve all scheduling conflicts, such as coaches coaching multiple teams, team unavailability due to religious reasons or tournaments, and all other conflicts, in accordance with the instructions provided.  After this time period games will be rescheduled only due to rain out or loss of fields.
Clubs will submit their completed home schedule no later than 10 August 2009 via the Delco website. For the Clubs that have teams in both leagues, the DELCO delegate will submit the information for the combined schedule into the scheduling system located on the Delco website. For any PAGS Club that does not have teams playing in Delco, their PAGS delegate will be sent a password that will enable them to submit the information online via the Delco website.  A link will be posted on the PAGS website for the Clubs that do not have Delco teams. 

Please note: 
The only way to submit the times and field locations for your Club’s home games will be via the Delco website.




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