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Questions Regarding Divisional Standings

We have received some email questioning whether the standings are properly reflecting the results of the games played each weekend.  Firstly, we do not keep official standings at the U9 and U10 levels.  Scores are recorded to aid the League in placing teams in the proper division the next year.  Likewise, we do not keep official standings in those divisions that do not have playoffs (U15 Premier Red, U15 Premier White, U15 Premier Blue, U16 all Divisions and U17/U18 all Divisions). 
In all other divisions the standings accurately reflect the results reported, with the following exception.  Final divisional standings are based upon a 9 game schedule.  In divisions with other than 10 teams some teams may have to play a 10th game in order for all teams to have 9 games.   When this occurs one of that team's 10 games will not count in the standings.  The computer software randomly determines the game that will not count and the teams will not be informed in advance which game it is.
We will manually verify the standings prior to the playoffs beginning.




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