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Secondary Players Eligible For The Playoffs

The rules regarding use of secondary players remain the same:  there is a maximum of three (3) secondary players per team (subject to approval of the Games Commissioner); all secondary players must play up, either in age or division; and all secondary players must be on the official state roster as of 9/30/07.

Secondary players who meet these criteria will now be eligible to participate in the PAGS playoffs.  The reasoning is that if a player meets the criteria for use of a secondary player and plays all season, the team does not gain an advanatage by having the player for the playoffs.

The penalties for violating PAGS policy on the use of secondary players are severe:  1) The team will forfeit all of its games up to the point when the infraction is found; 2) the team will not be eligible for the PAGS playoffs; 3) all adults who are carded for the team will be suspended by PAGS for one (1) year; and 4) if a Club permits a coach who is suspended by PAGS pursuant to this provision to coach the Club will be suspended by PAGS for one (1) year and none of its teams will be permitted to play in PAGS during the period of the suspension.





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