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Super Y-League Announces New ODP Structure for 2004 Season

(Tampa, Fla., May 11, 2004) - The Super Y-League 2003 season concluded with the successful completion of a new Olympic Development Program in the United States.  Since then the SYL National ODP Staff and the league office have designed and modified the ODP system for the 2004 season to create more opportunities for players to be identified to U.S. National Team Programs.
Among some of the changes includes Peter Vermes becoming the sole Technical Director of the Super Y-League's ODP system.  In 2003, both Vermes and John Doyle served as Technical Directors for the league's pioneer ODP program.
"John was a great help in this new program to better identify players for U.S. National Team Programs and aid the development of the club system.  In the New Year he took a position as the assistant coach for the San Jose Earthquakes which limited his time to serve as a Technical Director for the Super Y-League.  He will continue to be a key advisor for the league and the Pacific Division where he resides," added Matt Weibe, Director of the Super Y-League. 
Player selection changes include eliminating the player match voting system and modifying the scouting system.
 "We have a scouting structure with each division having an ODP Staff Coach, and each individual age division having a qualified scout that will work with each club's Technical Director / Director of Coaching for the selection of players to a divisional ODP team at the end of the season," added Vermes.
This will enable the scouting system to be more effective in the selection of players and put more emphasis on each club's Technical Director / Director of Coaching to be active in the recommendation and selection of players at the end of the season.  The SYL ODP system is based on the belief that the club system provides the best resource for identifying players.
Also included in the changes is the format of the SYL ODP Identification Weekends in January of 2005.  In 2005, there will be a national ODP event for each age group to offer more identification matches and specific training and education classes that fit the needs of each age group.  Culminating the event, a SYL National ODP Select Team will be chosen. 
"The first year was a great program.  We found out what worked well and what didn't work well.  After evaluating the system, we have found ways that will be more efficient to identify players and ways to better the ODP staff.  Ultimately, the clubs will play more of a part in the identification process within a formalized national scouting system," said Vermes.
Currently each SYL ODP Staff Coach is assembling their scouting staff for the beginning of the season to the league office. The player selection process will culminate following the end of the regular season in November.  Players will then be selected to a Divisional ODP Team for the SYL National ODP Camp in January, where they will be evaluated for U.S. National Team Programs.
"The soccer community saw last year the opportunities that this program provided to players and clubs.  More clubs and Directors of Coaching are educating their players and parents on the new opportunities in soccer and this new ODP system within the Super Y-League.  We have continued to receive tremendous support from the U.S. National Team Staff Coaches and the major clubs in the U.S. for the SYL ODP system.  This is the future of identifying players for National Team Programs," added Weibe. 




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