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Updating Team Contact Information


Please note we have upgraded the system software and it is possible some of the team contact information did not carry over to the new system.   Please verify your information (team contacts).
To do so go to and click on Schedules, Age Group and Division and then your team name.  In the upper right hand corner of the screen there is a login link. Click on this link and in the pop up dialog box enter your email address.   The email address must be one of the email addresses originally entered on the application.  If it is your first time logging on, click on forgot pin # and your new pin # will be emailed to you immediately. This will be a different pin # from your previous pin number.  You can then verify and/or update team contact information, uniform colors, add team website links, etc.
We are making game changes and if you have changed coaches, manager, etc you will not receive the updates until you have made these changes in the manner provided above.
If you have any questions, please email or call me 610-513-6920.
Thank you,
Julie Sheehy
PAGS Games Commissioner




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