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US Club Soccer Expands Partnership with Super Y-League


June 22, 2004

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (June 22, 2004) - United Soccer Leagues and US Club Soccer announced today a new program to expand and develop top level youth leagues in the U.S.


The Super Y-League has expanded their relationship with the emerging youth soccer organization, US Club Soccer, by developing a multi-tiered league system that will provide new opportunities to clubs, players and coaches in 2005.


"The clubs in the Super Y-League have been the leaders in creating change for youth soccer in this country," said Matt Weibe, Director of SYL. "With the leadership of the Super Y-League and US Club Soccer taking on a more active role in the structure of a national league, national cup and player identification, youth soccer will be reformed to create a balanced schedule, more competitive outlets for clubs and new opportunities for club, player and coaching growth."


The new Super Y-League structure includes a Premier Division, First Division and Second Division with a promotion and relegation system between the divisions. The top 60-72 teams per age group in the United States and Canada will be competing in the Premier Division, with the First Division containing the same amount of teams per age group. The Second Division will contain teams that can compete at a "state" level. In some cases these Second Division leagues may be existing state or sub-divisional leagues that want to affiliate with the Super Y-League and US Club Soccer instead of other youth soccer governing organizations.


US Club Soccer will play more of a role in aiding the development of these leagues in 2005. US Club Soccer will serve as the official team registration and national cup provider of all of the Super Y-League divisions. Other programs that both organizations will jointly develop include player identification in the Super Y-League's Olympic Development Program and US Club Soccer's id2 program.


Bill Sage, US Club Soccer Executive Director, added, "At the recent Chicago II Summit we hosted, one of the things that was clear from the feedback of the club participants was a need to get the annual competition calendar under control, and a desire for an expanded, multi-tiered league structure for the more competitive players. As we've had an ongoing relationship with the Super Y-League, and seen their growth and quality of competition first-hand, it only made sense to work with them even more closely on these important issues."


"This is the system that we have long envisioned and we believe that this is the right time to begin this process for the continued growth and development of the game," added Weibe.


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